Messy hair. A splattering of tiny freckles. Fresh. Free.
Believed to be one of the oldest surviving mansions found in Sydney, Juniper Hall was built by emancipated convict Robert Cooper in 1824 after a promise to his third wife to build her the finest house in Sydney. As the historic rooms got readily busied for an upcoming art exhibition, the gardens became our playground.
As morning hit Bondi, we basked in corners of sunlight and shade – light dancing and moving across her face. Captured.
For a Saturday, the streets of Paddington were alarmingly quiet. A few cars stopped to watch, some questioning our undertakings. But for the most part, nobody paid us any attention – familiar with the sight of a girl with camera in hand and model poised.
Other than the soft splash of a lone breaststroker, all was silent but the small scuffs of sound made from her ballet shoes moving across the pavement. It was eerily perfect.
Choosing to find her place under the title of ‘creator’ more so than ‘influencer’, Ally May Carey is carving out a new direction as she explores the different opportunities arising from the current media landscape. Merging her talents and passion for photography, film and art, Ally’s vision is both original and contemplative. Creating substance.
Escaping the winter, warm balmy evening air licked at our skin. Bali – some come for the parties, some come for the relaxation, and some come to dip their toe in a little of both. With a backdrop crafted from paradise and a villa all to ourselves, we came for the pictures. And maybe for the relaxation – but mostly for the pictures.
The morning of. Views over Hyde Park, coffees and pastries at the ready, and a copy of the Financial Times that made for a far better prop than anyone’s choice of reading material… and then came the champagne. Outcome looked favourable.
With a soundtrack that included the mellow voices of London Grammar, The XX and Angus and Julia Stone – we soaked in the dawn, finding our own oasis in marshlands not far from the city.
She brushed sleep out of her eyes, a little dusty from her wedding wash-up the day before, but I was eager – how often do you have a beach to yourself, a ballerina, and the perfect dawn? As she flew across the sand, bare feet barely touching the ground – her slightly damp hair flying out behind her, I knew there would be no regrets. Sleep could wait. Sleep can always wait.
As the skies threatened us with rain, the mood was intensified. Cloudy backdrops offset silk gowns as McKell park played the perfect host to our bridesmaid backdrop. Slight winds lifted flyaways – and moments after wrap time was announced, the skies opened up. A timely release.
Sisters of style. From being awarded the “biggest posers” at school to finding their place high on the list of sartorial style stars to watch, Danielle Lalor and Nicole Benton are two of the OGs of the Australian fashion blogging scene that have managed to transcend a constantly evolving landscape.
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