Book a shoot: Influencers and individuals

While known for her editorial work, Husskie Editor and Creative Director Yelena Fairfax has been shooting imagery for brands, influencers, and individuals since 2011.

Yelena regularly shoots for a number of well known influencers and has had her photography work featured by a long list of top Instabloggers including Renee and Elisha Herbert, Laura Jade Stone, Mimi Elashiry, Emily Gurr, Fakander, Montana Lower, Ashton Wood, Caroline Groth, Christie Swadling, When Words Fail, Katie Williams, Anita Ghise, Neri XX, and Coconut and Bliss, to name a few. Yelena has also worked with media personalities and individuals in creating content for both their online platforms and social media profiles.

For any Sydney-based influencers or individuals interested in organising a lifestyle content shoot, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly with all relevant pricing options.